Live The Life YOU Want.

Maybe you want a whole new life – your old life back – both! The life you want is the number one aim of ARC alcohol and drug rehab centers.

The life you want CAN be done! We can show you how to live your present and the future in the directions you want – despite all your past.

Many ARC graduates are living in recovery, with lives full of meaning and purpose.

Addiction Recovery Centre is a UK residential drug rehab & alcohol rehab center. Detox – we also provide drug detox and alcohol detox.

Personal Development

ARC Drug Rehab Centers

Learn activities and habits that will secure your long-term personal development. In the Directions YOU want. Based on a foundation of proven scientific and evidence based methods. A refreshing, new rehab approach!

The arc ethos is centred around; positive regard, encouragement, respect, understanding and tolerance. Everything we do is based on this ethos and NOT criticism, blame and shame. All our clients are treated with courtesy, empathy and honesty.

arc rehab presents a range of recovery techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), 12-step, and Transactional Analysis, rather than sticking religiously to one model, so that your own individual needs can be met.


Mark Webster, an expert in the field of addiction recoveryA number of our key-workers are recovered addicts and alcoholics who have first-hand understanding of addiction and alcoholism.

The treatment is underpinned with a psychologically informed architecture. Developed and clinically supervised by Mark Webster, a leading UK psychotherapist and developer of the ACT Model.


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From Dependence to Independence

Alcohol Rehab CentersYour own room, phone, laptop in a real world house – ARC alcohol & drug rehab UK is not a ‘care home’ type rehab. So that you can build the life you want from the start and all through treatment. So that you can face the challenges of freedom in the real world while still in a treatment setting – rather than having to face these daunting problems after your rehab alcohol or drug treatment has ended and you’re on your own with no support.

Independent living while in treatment is important because it is so easy to become institutionalised and dependent on the treatment centre structure.

Affordable Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers

We have sensible pricing making high quality treatment affordable for more people. We are passionate about enabling people to rise out of ‘stuck-ness’ and towards freedom.

The treatment is abstinence based. We offer detox for alcohol heroin crack cocaine speed cannabis and all other drugs.

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Development of ARC Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers

Drug Rehab UKFrom it’s inspired inception, the Addiction Recovery Centre was to be an innovative addict & alcoholic rehab.

We set out to include an eclectic range of therapies that have seemed to be helpful to people and that have been used by professionals. Mostly therapies with which we have personal experience such as CBT, 12-step and Transactional Analysis. We included other therapies of an alternative nature such as meditation, yoga, acupuncture etc. but only lightly as these have no genuine scientific/evidence base other than an established placebo effect.

Being innovative means not only devising and trialing new ideas, but also keeping abreast of new developments, particularly of a scientific/evidence-based nature. There are over 100 UK addiction treatment clinics listed on directory sites but most of them attempt very old rehabilitation methods which if looked at scientifically are proven to not work.

Great journeys of exploration and discovery rarely begin with an already existing map. Sometimes you just have to set off not knowing where the journey will take you.

Alcohol Rehab UKAlong our journey since starting our rehab for alcohol & drugs we have more recently come across Behavioural Therapy techniques, particularly Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT). Behavioural principles have been thoroughly researched and evidenced but putting those theories in practical therapeutic practices have proved rather difficult as language and cognition themselves are behaviours not easy to define. However in the last few decades great advances have been achieved in developing theories (Relational Framework Theory) and therapies such as DBT and ACT, which combine cognitive with behavioural, and “which promise the most promising psychological model available” (Torneke, 2010).

We have therefore now chosen to focus on creating a psychologically informed environment underpinned by a foundation of behavioural principles. A leading psychotherapist in the behavioural and ACT field, Mark Webster, has been working with our drug & alcohol rehab UK clinic to develop ACT using a practical matrix of his own design to engage people in challenging their automatic responses (such as substance misuse, self harm, etc) through the development of clear directions under the control of appetetic reinforcement and, mindfulness to committed action.

Rehab For AlcoholThe practical upshot of all this is that clients develop a habitually practiced method of identifying individual directions that will provide for them a life worth living, and then learning how to take committed actions and significant behavioural changes in the service of those directions. I.e. creating the dream and learning how to live it! This is very exciting!

‘Behaviour only exists if it is observed’. This means that what we do and the results for our drug & alcohol rehab centre clients can be directly observed and therefore measured in a truly scientific and meaningful way. So as an additional benefit we can now accurately report behavioural change in terms of frequency, level and motivation through the development of a sophisticated and inclusive scoring system. This makes our reporting literally scientifically accurate in addition to just opinion based on experience. Hardly any drug rehabilitation centres take this scientific approach and it’s so important. This has really helped ARC alcohol & drug rehab centre push it’s success rates higher every year while other drug & alcohol rehab centres have stayed stuck with the same low numbers of clients gaining long term freedom.

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If you ever wondered how drug addiction or alcoholism takes hold of someones mind then take a look at this video I put together for one of our treatment modules…

To get immediate help, ask any question, or for a brochure call Kate now on
02392 378 726