Are there any free rehab centers uk residents can depend on?
Are there any free rehab centers uk residents can depend on?


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8 crucial points to consider when deciding on addiction treatment

People often have questions concerning types of addiction treatment in the UK, yet don’t know where to turn for the answers. They often aren’t comfortable calling a rehab clinic, as they worry they might be pressured into something they are not ready for yet. As a result, they don’t research the answers any further and allow their addiction to continue unchecked. They feel this is the easier path. Certain questions come up again and again when a person reaches this stage, thus these questions are addressed below, so people can have the answers they need to determine if they are ready for treatment and more.

Seeking Addiction Treatment in UK – When is the best time?

Getting addiction treatment will save lives

People often believe they have to hit rock bottom before treatment will be effective, but nothing is further from the truth. A person needs to seek help as soon as possible, simply because the sooner treatment is sought, the more effective it tends to be. Research continues to show this is the case. Family members and friends need to step in and encourage the addict to seek help, in the event he or she does not appear to be ready to take this step. In certain situations, the person in need of treatment will find they must go into a program, based on a court order or some other action beyond their control.

How to find the right addiction treatment centers for help?

People often don’t know where to turn for the help they need. As mentioned above, they may feel hesitant to call a treatment facility, as they worry they will be given the hard sell and pressured to enter that centre’s treatment program. The best place to begin the search for a substance abuse treatment plan is with the person’s general practitioner or GP. In fact, the general practitioner can be of help even before the addict is ready to enter treatment. He or she can speak to the addict about their issue and provide advice. In addition, the GP may have resources that the addict can access locally, such as a counsellor or nurse on staff that is trained in working with addicts.

National helplines are another resource that should not be overlooked. Furthermore, an addict and/or his or her loved ones have the option of contacting a local NHS addiction unit. These units work with individuals who are ready to stop using their drug of choice, but also deal with those who aren’t at this stage. They talk with these individuals about their problem and work to change their motivation, encouraging the addict to go for treatment at one of the many UK addiction treatment centres.

How Can Friends and Family Help in the Process of Drug Addiction Treatment and Alcohol Addiction Treatment ?

Drug addiction treatment at home is rarely effective

Family members and friends need to speak to an individual as soon as they realize there is a problem with their drinking or drug habit. People often discount the extent of the problem, saying the person is just going through a rough time or something of that nature. Putting off a talk isn’t a good idea, however, but the way the topic is handled is critical.

Loved ones should never accuse an addict of something, as doing so will likely make him or her become defensive. As a result, they will distance themselves from the people who wish to help them. In many cases, they turn more to those they are doing drugs and alcohol with, and this is the exact opposite of what needs to happen.

A positive and constructive tone must be used. This tone increases the likelihood that the person will seek treatment from alcoholism treatment centers. In addition, everyone around the addict at this time must be concerned and constructive, and they cannot have issues with drugs or alcohol, as the addict will discount what they say. If they won’t get help themselves, why should the addict?

What Drug Addiction Treatment Methods are Available?

Get help from addiction treatment centers today

People often don’t understand how drug treatment programs work for an addict. They know the person does counselling, possibly individual and group sessions, but beyond this they aren’t aware of what goes on in a program of this type. In the top addiction treatment centers, each substance abuse treatment plan is actually customized to meet the unique needs of the addict. For example, the needs of an addict undergoing cocaine addiction treatment will be very different to that of an addict undergoing heroin addiction treatment . To illustrate this point, these are the treatments recommended by the NHS:

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Cocaine addiction treatment are more behavioural than medicinal

The recommended methods for cocaine addiction treatment to counter coke addiction behaviour are:

  • Talking therapies –cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to help understand addiction and change behaviour and thought processes.
  • Couples therapy – for individuals who have partners who do not use cocaine.
  • Incentives – offering rewards to individuals who successfully stay off cocaine after treatment.

Heroin Addiction Treatment

Heroin addiction treatment involves a detox process with medication

The recommended methods for heroin addiction treatment are either:

  • Maintenance therapy – switching from heroin to a substitute, usually opiate addiction treatment medication like methadone or buprenorphine, and then staying on the prescribed dosage.
  • Detox – switching from heroin to a substitute, usually prescription drugs like methadone or buprenorphine, and then withdrawing from substitute gradually until the individual is completely free from both substances.
  • Medication may be a part of the treatment plan, especially when the addict is experiencing withdrawal or he or she has a co-existing mental illness. Cognitive behavioural therapy is commonly used in programs of this type also. The first step involves talking about the problem the addict is encountering and how they wish to change as a result of their treatment. This must be done in a positive environment, or the addict won’t wish to continue. You can read more about CBT on the NHS site here.

Find addiction treatment UK specialists would recommend

Staff members in the program work with the patient to determine where he or she is and where they want to go in the future. Obstacles that may prevent the addict from achieving this goal are discussed and solutions developed to overcome these challenges. The process is much more involved than this, however. The addict must also identify any triggers that lead to the alcohol or drug use. Plans can then be made regarding how the addict will address these situations. Having this information makes it easier for the patient to remain sober once he or she re-enters their regular life after completing a drug or alcohol addiction treatment program.

The addict needs a support system in place when he or she leaves a drug or alcohol addiction treatment, and the system will be put into place as part of the substance abuse treatment plan. Family and friends tend to be included in the support system, yet this isn’t the case for all patients. If the addict’s current support system enables their behaviour, other resources need to be put into place. This will be determined during treatment.

Major changes must take place in the addict’s lifestyle also. Their life has revolved around obtaining and using their substance of choice, and they need to find other behaviours to replace these bad habits. In addition, they likely spent a great deal of time dealing with any consequences of their addiction, and this time will need to be filled. The program works to help them find new, positive activities to replace their former ones.

Addiction Treatment Centers -Why Is Outside Help Needed?

Addicts often say they can kick their habit without help. Although this is true for a few individuals, most people find they need supportive people on their journey to a new way of life. The problem tends to be the addict lacks the tools and resources to know how to treat drug addiction at home, and to get sober and stay that way for life. Self-help groups and residential drug addiction treatment centers help the addict obtain the needed skills and locate the necessary resources.

How Much Is Too Much?

Individuals addicted to drugs or alcohol often state they can control the amount of substance they use. Sadly, this is rarely the case, and it is never the situation with certain drugs, such as cocaine and heroin. Abstinence needs to be the goal of any addiction treatment program. If it is not, the chances of the addict returning to his or her former habits increases significantly.

Understanding The Possibility Of Relapse

Addicts rarely happen overnight, although certain individuals do become addicted to a drug after only one use. The process of recovery takes time also, and there is always the possibility of relapse. People need to be aware of this when they seek drug treatment programs. There are ways to reduce the risk of a relapse, however.

Most alcoholics don't realise that they need alcohol addiction treatment to stop their addiction

First and foremost, an individual needs to avoid the triggers that led to their drug or alcohol use. Often, individuals talk about how they gave up smoking only to go to a bar and have a drink. They didn’t think, lit up a cigarette and were addicted to nicotine once again. They had to kick the smoking habit for a second, third or fourth time. This is the same way it is for someone addicted to alcohol or drugs.Addiction treatment in the UK isn’t a one-time, short-term process. It is something the addict will take part in the rest of their life.

Addicts need to find new friends. In addition, they must find new activities they enjoy, so they aren’t tempted to revert to their old ways. This needs to be part of the treatment process, so the addict isn’t handling these major life adjustments without support. It is possible to overcome loneliness, boredom and depression without drugs, and people can have a good time without resorting to a chemical substance. Once the addict understands how to do this, their chances of a relapse decrease.

What Is Aftercare?

Once an addict leaves a treatment program, they may struggle to adapt to their new lifestyle. Aftercare can be of great help at this time. Aftercare services range from ongoing counselling to assistance in finding a new job, depending on the program selected. When choosing a treatment program, look for one that offers aftercare services, as they are of significant help to the addict in their life of sobriety.

Addiction treatment is a personal journey. What works for one individual may not be appropriate for another. When the time comes to seek help, the addict and his or her loved ones need to consider various options. There is a treatment program for every individual and finding the right one is the key to a successful recovery, one that will allow the addict to live a full, happy, drug-free life once again.

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Timing matters. It’s important to get help

while a person is open to change

Timing matters. It’s important to get help while a person is open to change.
So ask any questions or reserve a place at ARC now. TODAY!

So ask any questions or reserve

a place at ARC now. TODAY!

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Are there any alcohol rehab centers near me?

An alcohol rehab nhs doctors recommend

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