Drug and alcohol addiction almost destroyed my life. For the last three years I have been battling alcoholism, the turning point for me was finding my way into treatment. I was funded by my local drugs agency for my treatment. There are loads of drug and alcohol rehab clinics out there and it just so happens that the one I was funded for, Addiction Recovery Centre, turned out to be perfect for me.

I’m sure you’re different from me in many ways, maybe your older or younger. Maybe you used different substances from me or used different quantities. We’re all different but we all suffer from the same disease of addiction.

It’s my strong belief that rehab centers provide the best solution to this problem, it helped me not only to recover from my addiction problems but also to discover a better, happier way to live my life.

You may be in a situation where you feel hopeless, I know that place well. I felt like I had tried everything until I went into an alcohol rehab clinic. I had tried moving away from my hometown, replacing one substance for another, cutting down my consumption, but none of these worked in the long term. I always ended up back in the same place doing the same things.

As I write this I am 15 months clean and sober and I’m happier than I have ever been. You can be free from the painful monotony of addiction just as I am. I owe my freedom to the best of the alcohol rehabilitation clinics, which I spent six months in. It almost seems like a lifetime ago now, I don’t desire a drink anymore, in fact the thought rarely enters my head.

My story is this: At thirteen I started drinking and smoking cannabis with my friends. At first it was fun and exciting though looking back at it I was different even then. While my friends were quite content with smoking and drinking when an opportunity arose I would actively go in search of the opportunity, I guess it was an escape from life. After leaving school at sixteen I discovered other drugs such as cocaine and pills. I would smoke weed and drink almost every day and do as much of the other drugs as I could on the weekends. One day when I was about seventeen or eighteen a friend introduced me to heroin. That was the beginning of the end for me. As I got older my habit got bigger and bigger and I knew I was in trouble when I lost my job and could no longer support my habit.

I tried moving to escape my problem and replaced the heroin for drink, this didn’t work well. Eventually after almost two years of struggling to stop using I found my way into a drug rehab center.

I know that your story is different from mine but I hope it gives you some hope. While I was in treatment I got to know a lot of people from all walks of life that shared the same problem as me. Many of those people I still know today, they are clean and happy as I am.

Whether you go to a private drug or alcohol rehab or any of the other drug rehab clinics, I hope you find a solution to your problem. I assure you that there is another way to live your life and the benefits are endless. Anyway, I doubt that we will ever meet but I hope that you find what you are looking for and someday know the happiness and freedom I experience on a daily basis.

Private Rehab
Going to a private rehab or any other type of drug rehab center is a huge decision. Most people go through just about every for of drug addiction treatment out there before they make it into rehab; I did exactly that myself.
I pretty much had every form of help out there over the course of my addiction.

I started bunking off school, drinking and getting stoned at the age of thirteen. It was fun at the time. I definitely never saw myself ending up any type of drug treatment center! At the age of sixteen I left school and started working in the music industry, it was about that time that I discovered other drugs. Please bare in mind as you read this that I am not presuming your story is anything like mine, look for the similarities not the differences. Anyway, it wasn’t long until I found heroin. I was introduced to it by a friend who had been through endless alcohol detox rehabs, private rehabs and drug addiction rehab programs. He was just about the coolest person in the world to me.

I was on heroin for a number of years until it really became hellish. I lost my job and had no way to support my now rather large habit other than through crime.
My first attempt to sort myself out resulted in a methadone prescription and regular attendance to a drugs project. It never stopped me from using but I did get to know a few people who had gotten clean through a combination of meetings and time in a drug / alcohol abuse rehab center. I guess that was the first time I ever considered private rehabilitation centres or any drug and alcohol rehab as an option.

However, like I say, I never stopped using in all this time. Eventually I got desperate and tried to stop by moving to another country. I stayed there for a year and, though I did stop using heroin, I got really bad on drink and weed again. It seemed that wherever I went and whatever I did I couldn’t shake my reliance on drink and drugs. I resigned myself to a life of addiction at that point.
When I eventually moved back to the uk it took me about two hours before I was at a dealers house buying heroin once again. My drinking was also very bad at this point, though I still didn’t see it as a problem as I had never been to any form of alchoholism treatment or alcohol detox. I had been told that if I wanted to stop heroin then I needed to give up everything else, including drink, but I never believed them. You’ve got to have hope right?

My life was a series of overdoses and arrests for the six months that followed, it was a living hell! I went back to the drugs project and began to talk to them about going to a rehab.
At first they didn’t really take me seriously and I had to keep begging them for help until they became willing to fund me. In this time I had spent hours on the internet looking at various drug rehab clinics and private rehab centres around the country.

Needless to say I did end up going to rehab, funded by my drugs project, not a luxury rehab but a very good drug rehabilitation none the less. As I write this I am a year and a half clean and sober. You know what?… My life has never been better. I am happier than I ever was, I’m back in education and I have a beautiful girlfriend who I adore.
I owe my life today to the drug rehab center in which I spent just over six months. If you are reading this and have a true desire to get clean, just know there is hope.