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Are there any free rehab centers uk residents can depend on?

Work at ARC – Transform lives & jump start your own growth!

Arc is a very different kind of drug and alcohol treatment centre. We do talk about the 12 steps but we do so much more. Our treatment was written from the ground up in 2006 and has been tested and improved constantly ever since.

When you work with us at ARC we train you extensively in the subtle arts of our methodologies and you learn to guide our clients in a non shame-based way to a fantastic new life. Our ethos is one of kindness and positive regard and we look for the seeds of this in all our staff to start with. If you’re open minded and ready to challenge some of the things you’ve already learnt in your own recovery then get in touch!

We’re selective in our recruitment process but once you join us, you’re rewarded for your hard work. Performance based pay rises and rewards are regular. So you win on 2 fronts, your recovery advances to another level and the more you explore that new path in your recovery the more you get rewarded financially through your salary (on top of your personal rewards for accelerated growth).

We are recruiting for 4 job positions right now:

For more info about each job or to apply to join us in any of these roles, simply click below on the role you’re interested in.

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 For Help Call: 02392 37 87 26

Address: ARC, 54 Northern Road, Cosham, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO6 3DP

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