Are there any free rehab centers uk residents can depend on?
Are there any free rehab centers uk residents can depend on?


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ARC ® Drug Rehab Center – Want to Get Your Life Back?

If you’ve been using drugs for more than 18 months then listen carefully…

Unlock your power to SMASH FREE from addiction & LEAP into the driving seat of a long meaningful life bubbling with proud achievements, purpose & loads of fun with family, friends & lovers”

Graham Foster, leader in the field of drug rehab, published author and pioneer of the new ETA treatment model says: “Stop conning yourself that it’ll be OK ‘next week’, 1 simple choice left… BURST FREE and achieve an outstanding life, or DIE from addiction!”

Let me take you to our homepage and I’ll explain you what makes ARC’s unique treatment so effective.

Discover What Most Drug Rehab Centers Often Miss

Rock to recovery now and get your life back in control

By coming to ARC you will discover:

• Why most drug rehab centers almost never work long term… and the 1 essential difference you MUST find if you want to stop the steady trickle of wasted life & opportunities.

• How to come hurtling back to normal life, free as an arrow in flight and with crosshair views of exactly what you want and how you’re getting there. Get your life back… with EXTREME upgrades!

• 2 ways to immediately retake control of your body, mind and life instead of counting each gruelling hour after you stop using heroin or cocaine.

• No more crawling out of bed each day sick and rattling, in total slavery to the need for a dig or a smoke. Understand the crazy simple science behind it and your freedom is the only option left.

• The single most important action you need to take to fix things with your friends, family or partner and rebuild your life surrounded by people who love you.

A drug rehab UK residents can trust

Imagine this:
You’re 100% back in the driving seat of your own mind and trying to break free is just a hazy memory. You got shown how to rewire your brain so now you’re racing ahead with carving out exactly the life you want.
“If you were normal again, how would today be different for you?…”
Hi I’m Charlie, I want to tell you about how my friend stumbled across a very special guy, fired questions at him all night and discovered how to burst free from the addiction death grip. He now lives the exact life of purpose he always wanted. He’s happy, free to an extreme level and he dances with life every single day!

The success rates of a majority of drug rehabs are appallingly low

Real Life Story:
For nearly 10 years Jack endured the same meaningless nightmare day after day. He’d stay asleep for as long as he could but the nagging sickness would always force him into stark grey reality. After dragging himself out of soggy sheets he’d start making calls, praying that someone was already on with gear that wasn’t 95% running agent. My friend was lucky, his parents had hidden him away in the basement but hadn’t kicked him out yet. He’d spend 5 minutes or so trying to get over the feeling of shame and embarrassment and then his mum would pretend to believe whatever ridiculous lie he’d mutter and let him use her car to go and score. By the time he’d raised £10 and one of the dealers had switched on he’d be in full scale rattle. Stomach cramps, shivering and nearly throwing up every time he tried to turn on the car heater or distract himself with a rollup. Then the torture of the waiting games would start, “I’m 5 mins round the corner” means anything from 20 mins to 5 hours of desperately staring down every guy in a hoodie that comes into view.

Drug rehabilitation can help you end the nightmare of addiction

But all this was just logistics, as soon as he felt ‘normal’ each day, Jack would start scheming on how to escape this nightmare. He had some serious life plans and he believed deep down that if he could just break free maybe he could:

• Figure out how to make a truck load of cash in the next 5 years and make his family proud.

• Find a gorgeous woman who appreciated him for who he truly was and fall head over heels in love.

• Get back to having fun with real friends, clubbing, body building, holidays in Ibiza, etc.

Of course his schemes didn’t work:

• Trying to sort himself out without help was useless because as soon as he was sick the next day there was someone else in control of his body and mind.

• One of his friends had been to ‘Detox 5’, a drug rehab in the UK that seemed legit but it turned out to be an expensive scam. You’re turfed out after 5 days, almost unable to walk you’re so sick. 99.9% of people are using drugs again within 24 hours of being discharged!

• Building a life on a maintenance script is a myth!… ‘Lifeline’ one of the drug rehab centers in his local were only interested in keeping him on Subbies or the green medicine forever, which keeps their jobs nice and safe with more and more clients. You’re not free and you can’t build any real kind of life when you’re still having to take drugs every day, street or prescription.

• How Jack Found the Perfect Drug Rehab in the UK


Then out the blue one Thursday afternoon his old friend Jamie called him up. Jack had saved Jamie’s life 10 months earlier after an overdose and Jamie had been hustled off to one of the local drug rehabilitation centers the next day by his parents. Jamie was babbling away about this guy Graham he’d met since he came home. Apparently Graham had figured out a way to escape the addiction nightmare for real and for good. It sounded pretty suspicious because Jack didn’t actually know even 1 person who’d truly broken free and gone on to live a normal life. It could even be simply that Jamie had gone a bit mad with all the weird stuff they do to you in private rehab clinics in the UK. But during the phone call Jamie kept throwing in the odd sentence here and there that just kind of resonated on some level…

• “You deserve to be loved!”

• “You really can live a life of true freedom and power!”

• “Whatever your purpose on this planet is, for sure it’s not to hide from the world, a slave to addiction until the day you die!”

In the end Jamie persuaded Jack to go along the next day for a coffee with him and Graham. That Friday night back in 2004 was when life turned inside out for Jack. He met Graham at about 7pm and by 7.05pm Graham had him sat upright and paying serious attention. Jack was still very suspicious so he began trying to pick apart what Graham was telling him and ended up grilling Graham until 3am. Graham calmly answered every single one of his questions and Jack left with his old way of thinking in shreds, the iron grip of addiction smashed into thousands of pieces and 2 brand new gems of pure truth bubbling away…

• He finally understood ‘D-day’ (detox day) had to be right there and then. That night. Not after Christmas, his mum’s birthday or any other ridiculous excuses he could use to trick himself into staying imprisoned.

• For the first time in a long time he felt true hope! That night he’d been shown undeniable proof that he could live any kind of life he wanted.

Tried & Proven Drug Rehabilitation Backed By Science


Graham took Jack under his wings and over the next 6 months helped him to make 3 core changes that catapulted him into a different universe! They have nothing to do with 12 steps or any other religious cult and everything to do with documented human psychology and proven behavioural science. Jack now lives a life he loves:

• He has a successful business & he’s financially free.

• He has many friends and lives 10mins away from the center of the most exciting city in the world.

• He has the confidence to chat and have fun with anyone, beautiful women, successful guys or old mates who are still using drugs.

• His parents actually tell him how proud they are and his brothers, cousins, girlfriend and friends all go to him for help and advice.

• Best of all he knows with absolute clarity the life directions that are important deep down in his soul.

Good drug rehabilitation centers can help you get the life you want

OK! Hands up, I CONFESS! So for any of you guys who hadn’t twigged yet, there is no Jack! The story is true but it’s me that stumbled across Graham and found a way to smash free and go from a groundhog day nightmare to absolutely adoring my life now, I wouldn’t swap with anyone. All the other names are real but I want to tell you more about Graham and why this is your best shot at getting the exact life you want! I understand you can’t just take my word that Graham knows his stuff so here are some things about Graham that you should know.

• 18 years free himself.

• Published author in the field of addiction.

• Fully trained teacher (handy if you spend your days showing people how to live exactly the life they want).

• He believes his life’s purpose is to communicate to people who are trapped how they can break free.

• Founder of a 7 year successful drug rehabilitation centre designed to constantly push boundaries of drug treatment. Year after year they get glowing reports from the government’s registration body and are well on the path to becoming the best rehab in the UK.

• Over 480 addicts have been helped by Graham personally.

• Pioneer of a highly effective new treatment, the ‘Escape, Target, Arrive‘ model. In 2006 Graham opened what is now the most ground breaking and successful drug rehab in the UK. Right out the gate he designed his treatment to be based on scientific facts rather than the same old 12 step models that every other rehab seems to blindly follow.

• Treatment was based on proven scientific methods like ‘Cognitive Behavioural Therapy’.

Drug rehab facilities and policies were based around kind and positive regard for clients rather than blame and shame.

• Built into the delivery system was a way to measure which modules of treatment worked and which ideas didn’t really help in the real world.

Why ARC’s Treatment Wins Over Other Drug Rehabilitation Centers in the UK


The treatment has just been perfected after 7 years of constant improvements:
It was already highly successful when 2 years ago Graham teamed up with Mark, a leading psychologist in the field of behavioural science. Together they painstakingly adapted ‘Acceptance Commitment Therapy’ to create a major upgrade to Graham’s already successful treatment model. Graham’s perfected treatment model is called Escape, Target, Arrive (ETA).
As the name suggests it consists of 3 stages:
Stage 1: Escape – “A successful escape needs perfect planning right?… Wrong!”
This is a major mistake almost everyone trying to smash free makes. Of course a fantastic exit strategy can only help but the success of your escape is 100% dependent on your motivations, your belief that freedom is possible, and most important your ability to TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION again and again! The problem is that planning puts off any action to a mythical ‘better’ time in the future, it’s a psychological trap that can keep it’s claws in a you for your entire life. The best time to act is always RIGHT NOW!

A readymade escape plan solves this problem and Graham has an exceptionally effective detox worked out after 7 years of trials and improvements. The exact drugs and quantities are tailored to your unique situation and every detox is designed to be very physically comfy. Often a 10 day detox offered by a lot of drug rehabilitation centers in the UK is too fast and rough so it can affect your break for freedom. A 5 day detox is just a joke so please be cautious of anyone offering these ‘miracle cures’.
On top of the physical stuff Graham shows you 2 gems of science that make conquering the mental side of a drug detox easy like slicing through warm butter.
To avoid the ‘perfect plan’ trap, Graham recommends you try to notice when you slip into making plans about how to burst free or start your real life. Stop at this point and ask yourself what actions you can take right now at this exact moment that would help? Your freedom depends on you grabbing control of your mind for a few moments to stop the planning and do those actions straight away!

Stage 2: Target – “Locate cross hair views of exactly what you want deep down”
Because using drugs takes over your mind so much you it’s really hard to stay in touch with yourself and what you want deep down. If you want to live a fantastic life then you kind of need to know what your own definition of a fantastic life is, so it’s essential to get back in touch with the real you and discover what makes you tick and what your unique core values are.
This sounds obvious but it was an elusive piece of the puzzle for a while. Acceptance commitment therapy (ACT) wasn’t originally designed for people with drug addiction problems so the issue was that ACT doesn’t really focus on ‘you discovering you’ and it’s really tough to use this powerful new technique unless you have an idea of your identity. Graham’s original treatment uses several techniques like cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to focus on discovering who you are so it put him in the perfect position to modify acceptance commitment therapy and bring it into the world of addiction treatment.

Stage 3: Arrive – “Carve out the path that takes you where you want to go”
This stage is what the last few years have been perfecting. Graham’s treatment model has adapted Acceptance Commitment Therapy to basically ‘Train your Brain’ to fire different synapses and function in a whole new way. It’s based on behavioural science and gives you powerful tools that mean you race towards the exact life you want.

“I so want help to release him from this horrid, horrid existence he lives…”

With the RIGHT HELP you or your loved one CAN move on to create a normal, happy life with REAL OPTIONS.

Timing matters. It’s important to get help

while a person is open to change

Timing matters. It’s important to get help while a person is open to change.
So ask any questions or reserve a place at ARC now. TODAY!

So ask any questions or reserve

a place at ARC now. TODAY!

Finding free rehab in the UK

An alcohol rehab nhs doctors recommend

With the RIGHT HELP you or your loved one CAN move on to create a full, normal life. A life with meaning, purpose, hope & happiness as real options.

To ask any question or get started today, call:

ARC clients make it!

“If I didn’t come here & do this treatment, I don’t think I’d be on this earth now.”
– John, free from alcohol & drugs for 3 years at time of review

An alcohol rehab nhs doctors recommend
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