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Living life in the depths of addiction can seem like an endless uphill struggle just to survive. Day to day life can become so hard that many people just cannot see a way out. Addicts try many different ways of giving up or attempting to control their addiction but none seem to work for any length of time. It has been shown time and time again that drug rehab clinics offer one of the only long term solutions to the problem.
I suffered from addiction for many years, it was the most painful time of my life and it seems like a lifetime away now. Today I am a happy, functional person with a loving family and girlfriend; a million miles away from the hellish outcast I once was. It’s all thanks to the drug rehab clinic i eventually was lucky enough to end up in. Rehab treatment and narcotics / alcoholics anonymous really did save my life in the end.
When i fist started smoking cannabis at thirteen years old I never would have imagined myself ending up in a heroin addiction treatment center – in those days it was all good fun. As the years went by and I moved on to stronger drugs and began drinking more and taking other stuff such as cocaine and crack. I remember a number of close friends having to seek help in alcohol detox units, it was a shock to me but when they got out they went straight back to drinking and taking drugs with the rest of us, so I thought little of it.
The years rolled by and I began to find that no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t stop the drink and drugs. I would often be able to replace one drug for another but i could never seen to stop everything. This was the first time i ever entertained the thought of going to a addiction care center. By this point i was on a methadone script that was supposed to help me stay away from heroin. If anyone reading this has tried to give up heroin they will know just how useless methadone is. I can’t think of a single person i have even heard of that managed to stop using heroin for any period of time because of a methadone drug detox prescribed medication script. And yet, whenever i asked for help i always got the same answer: center addiction medicine is all we can offer you!
Because i was so young, only nineteen years of age, and already a full time heroin user spending almost sixty pounds per day just to feed my habit, I thought that it would be easy to get into a UK drug rehabilitation clinic. But it seemed that the London center for addiction recovery team was not willing to spend any money sending me to get help!
I was getting desperate by this point, I had lost my job and was having to steal to get enough money to pay for drugs. Luckily for me my parents decided to help me by saving the money to send me to one of the best new drug / alcohol rehab centers in the United Kingdom. Out of all of the many drug addiction treatment centers and private drug rehab clinics I’m happy that i went to the one I did! I am sure that if it was not for their help i would not be alive to write this article today!
Rehabilitation clinics come in many different shapes and sizes. Don’t get confused by the conflicting center addiction substance abuse jargon…
If you need immediate help to stop drinking, rebuild relationships with loved ones and seek the services of referral agents to get the best drug users rehab centre available. Find a reliable source of information such as this one and rest assured that help is on it’s way.

Drug Rehab Clinic.

I went to a drug rehab clinic for a while a few years ago, it was a daily drop in centre and to be honest it never stopped me from using. In fact the only thing that has ever kept me clean off heroin, marijuana, cocaine, alcohol and everything else I was taking was this one private drug rehab. If you are an addict, clean or otherwise, then I’m sure you can relate. I don’t think I ever met a single person who went to that daily drop in place that was actually clean. I think that really it was just a way for the council to make themselves feel better about the drugs problem in my city. Also it helped them save the high cost drug rehab spending by avoiding these clinics all together.

I know that there are many forms of drug addiction treatment centers out there, I’ve tried a good few of them and between the both of us, we may well have every one covered. I went to meetings, methadone, drug rehabilitation day centers and all manner of other silliness that didn’t do anything to really help me with my problem. Like I told you before; the only thing that has kept me clean so far was a private drug clinic – not an NHS drug rehab.

I first went into the drug treatment center when I was about twenty years old. I had just got back from Croatia and started using heroin again. I was injecting it now and my life was looking pretty bad. I’m not presuming that you do the same drugs that I used to, I’m just trying to tell you my story here. So yeah, anyway, my parents paid for me to go into this rehab and at the time I really thought that I wanted to stop using drugs. In reality I didn’t want to stop at all, I just wanted to find a way to keep using without losing complete control of my life.

Because of this I never completed my treatment, that’s not a reflection on the drug treatment center itself, none of the drug rehab centers could have kept me clean.

So. I went back to my hometown and started using again. This time was worse than ever and before I knew it I was back on methadone and forced to go to this daft drug rehab clinic that was just a 9-5 place. Everyone there was still using and we all used to spend the money they gave us for lunch on super strong cider.
One thing I did learn from attending the daily drop in was that I didn’t want to be like everyone else in there. I really wanted to have a life some day.

I went to my drugs worker and spoke to him about getting a drug rehab referral. I knew that this meant I wouldn’t be able to go to a private drug rehabilitation clinic but that was ok. I just knew that drug alcohol rehab centers were the way forward for me.

I did get funding for my drug and alcoholism treatment in the end and I completed my six month treatment plan without having a single drink or drug.
The place I went to was brilliant because it not only showed me how to get clean and stay clean, it also showed me how to get happy.

Drug rehab clinic addiction-
I’d say that was the best gift I got from being clean; the happiness. I know that when your using or drinking every day that happiness seems so very far away, but its not. I know that your story will probably be completely different from mine, that’s cool. No two people are the same, maybe you know a different way to get clean, this is just what worked for me.