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Are there any free rehab centers uk residents can depend on?

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Are you a journalist or researcher looking for a refreshingly honest and alternative take on the uk addiction treatment field?

At ARC we have strong opinions on what works and what doesn’t & we want to get our science based perspective out into the public domain.

Our press officer, charlie is ready to go the extra mile to get you any info, answers, facts or perspectives you might be looking for for your story or journalistic research.

If you’re a Journalist, Researcher or Media Member then Charlie will talk through what you need and can also suggest angles you might not have considered.

After your initial chat, Charlie will liase with ARC’s director Graham Foster to get you whatever you need. Interviews and pieces written by Graham can be arranged by request.

Please do get in touch, we want to get our messages out there!

To get an immediate response, message Charlie today using the form below…

An alcohol rehab nhs doctors recommend
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