All clients have their own rooms with double beds.

ARC is a “Quasi-Residential” drug & alcohol rehab centre, which means that clients stay in ordinary houses so that there is less of a feeling of being in an institution.

Also, clients retain or re-learn domestic skills such as shopping, budgeting, washing and cleaning.

The accommodation houses are visited daily by housing support workers, but of course most of the time clients are in treatment office hours and most evenings.


All accommodation houses are fully re-furbished with new kitchens, bathrooms, decoration and carpeting.

Strict adherence to Government HMO rules apply throughout all of our accommodation, including hard-wired heat & smoke detectors and fire doors throughout.

Main living rooms have digital TV and DVD. Clients may bring their own TVs/DVDs for their bedrooms.

Fitting in need not be a worry because ARC has a number of houses so if your are not comfortable in one house you can move into another until you find your comfortable place. Easy.

To get immediate help, ask any question, or for a brochure call Kate now on
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